Questions? Concerns? Please Format Them As Such:

Hello IFC!

Capt. Dwyer here. I sure all of us members who have read enough posts to see that there is a large problem with people not fully explaining their questions/concerns.

Please fully explain your question with the format below. DO NOT make someone ask you, ‘could you explain more, or give us more details?’ We can’t help you if we don’t know what you need help with.

I will provide examples along with the template to help.

Template For Asking Questions or Getting Help

Introduce yourself:

Hello IFC, My Name is CaptainDwyer

State your problem clearly:

I am having some troubles switching from AP to manual flight with out any extreme changes in pitch or roll

Give a detailed example:

Last night, I was flying a Boeing 737-7 into KPHX. I was on short final, gears down, flaps full and glide thrust set and I switched between AP and Maunal Flying, and suffered a large change in pitch that cause me to crash due to a stall.

Ask for Help Specifically and Politely:

Is there anyone that could give me tips on how to prevent major pitch changes when switching between AP and stick flying? Any help is appreciated!

Provide any screenshots or videos:


If you have questions that need to be asked on #general, please use this template to help better format your post.

This will make it much easier for the people who want to help you better answer your question.

Hope this helps,

Capt. Dwyer

Additional Resources (from #support)

This has already been covered in both the posts you have linked above. Is this really necessary?


This was geared more towards posts in #general.

Any trust level can post in support, the only distinction is support is only for issues with the game while General is for more broader general questions and such.

Oh I’ll fix that. I thought you needed to be TL2.

Effort appreciated! But it’s just repeating what’s already been said a million times.

Even if it it would be great, not everyone will be aware of our wishes when being new around here. No need to have several topics about.