Questions about weather features

I’m a bit dumb sometimes so I have two questions.

-Does Infinite flight have the northern lights?
-Does Infinite flight have eclipses?

Thank you, good day, Guttentag

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Unfortunately they don’t

I don’t think so

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I wasted 30 minutes researching eclipses and like 15 minutes trying to find an eclipse on the exact same time and date as the real one happened. Lol. 😂


You’re a smart one Butter ;)

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Ha no

I think so

Sadly not, as I do not believe Infinite Flight simulates astronomical events.


No. And it won’t happen I think. (eclipse anyway)

Sorry, I stand corrected. Check out this comment by Cam. Eclipses are technically possible, but you won’t really be in the dark, the sun will just be covered.

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Ayye I was right

Maybe a feature request?👀

Edit: I found the link -

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