Questions About Virtual Airlines

I’m thinking of joining a VA, but I’m unsure of what actually happens once you’ve joined. Everything I’ve seen on the forum is just about how to join, not what happens after you join.

Is there a time commitment? (Like a set number of hours per week)

Do you chose your route on a given day or is it assigned?

What benefits are there to being in a VA?

If, for example, I joined the British Airways virtual airline but on one particular day IFATC was only in the US, would I just not be able to fly that day?

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Hi @DiscoPanda,

Virtual Airlines are great to be a part of!

Many do have time commitments such as logging a flight or two per month (or a certain amount of time). It is different per each VA.

For routes, it also depends on the VA. Some have an open network, some have a rank restriction. It will depend on the airline you would like to fly with and how they fly.

VA’s are great for community and to find people to fly with. You learn a lot about the community and others, as well as experience of flying. Many VA’s have academies that help you as well.

Typically VA’s do not limit where a VA flies based on the IFATC schedule, many do routes of the week that you can choose to fly.


@mwe2187 If I was in, ill use British Airways again, would all my routes have to either start or end in the United Kingdom?

For most VA’s, routes are all around the world. BAVA has codeshares all around the world, but their hub is EGLL in London. Pilots do not have to land or take off always at EGLL. It just depends on what is available to you through your rank.

VA’s like DLVA and AAVA do routes all around the world as well with hubs in the US and abroad. There are tons of options to fly with the VA’s and they simulate their real-world routes to the extent that they can.

For example, as I am a member of several VA’s… DLVA does routes based on ranks. There are several hubs you fly from, and as a new member you join and can fly regional routes, as you rank up, the routes expand to short hauls, medium hauls, long hauls and ultra long hauls.

In other VA’s, your rank dictates the aircraft you can fly, so you choose routes based on what aircraft you are ranked for.

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One last question, if I join a VA, I can still do other flights on my own, right?

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Ooh I can answer this one! I’m in 8 VA’s and I still fly my own routes daily! No VA ( to my knowledge ) Limit what you fly when your not doing a flight for them!


Yes absolutely! You can choose when to fly for a VA and when to just fly on your own. I typically will just do random flights when I’m in the mood, or do some VA flights in a group. I love to fly in events and community events, so that’s usually when you see me with a VA the most.

Many are in several VA’s as well. As long as you keep up the activity requirements, you’re good to go.


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