Questions about trim setting and other factors A321

I have found myself having to trim the Airbus a321 between 70 and 90% on Final most recently at kfwa with virtually no wind Runway 05 ground speed 140 flaps full, light weight and during a turn the yoke fully pushed back and still dropping negative 2000 vs - warnings started going off and it took me till about 450 ft to recover where I was able to to land the plane manuely but the controls were very stiff

I I have recently switched to the Airbus a321 and that is pretty much the only other plane that I have flown. I don’t have very many hours on it and I’m still memorizing all of the settings for it.

Can anybody educate me on what can possibly be going wrong with this aircraft on Final I appreciate all and any responses thank you

You’ll find any aircraft with full flaps can be a bit of a brute. If your aircraft is light, it’s unlikely it need anywhere near full flaps.

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I thought the A321 has a higher approach speed (of around 150kt) than the other A320 family members. I tend to find this works well.


Sounds like you didnt calibrate before you turned AP off. You should calibrate just before you turn it off and then you will only need around 30 at most. If you do calibrate then go into your controls tab in settings and hit restore default and that should solve the issue.

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I use a joystick for all flights. Yes when I increased speed to 150 it recovered.

When flying a new aircraft, I sometimes test the stall speed by pulling up hard on take off (plenty of trim) and note exactly when I’m ‘wheels-up’ it’s a good guide for what speed you’ll want for landing once you’ve burnt some fuel.

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If you are using a joystick it probably has to do with the sync and the settings between IF and the joystick. I would look at some Joystick trouble shooting threads to resolve the issue.

I appreciate your help, trim is definitely an issue but I have never had this issue with the 777 which I have flown all year with joystick nearly everyday. I will probably end up resetting my joystick and see if that may help.

I am an expert with the 737s and A320s! I would say try calibrating the joystick and going to the settings and adjusting the configuracions. Also use about 10-15% on landing because 70-90% I think is way to unrealistic! On take off have around 4-8% depending on weight factoring and speeds. I always have smooth landings in both! PS dont flare to much, flare like in real life just about 3-5 degrees and you should have no problem. Cause remember the ground effect in real life is going to make you float so your going to want to just ease on the flaring


My landings are textbook in this plane but the trim has to be set at 70-90% positive trim else I have to yank the joystick back instead of down.

You want to be doing 40-80 on your touchdown rate! Trust me calibrate your joystick and look at the controls itl help

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