Questions about Thrustmaster TCA range

Hi there!
Today I am asking some questions about the Thrustmaster TCA range, I am aware there is already a thead about this but I don’t see these questions.

  1. Are the buttons/levers(gear, flaps, spoilers) going to work with IF? If not I am not too fussed.
  2. How can I use the reverse thrust with IF? will it even work?
  3. Will the engine start on the throttle quadrant work as I am not sure if it is a button or not.
  4. with the little white things(don’t know what to call them) on the throttle quadrant and wherever else they are found work as a button?

thanks if anyone can help. I am not sure if I should ask these questions here or on the thread already posted(Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Edition- Facts and Questions)


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