Questions about the update

The new August 2015 update does not work! I could not find an auto land button, the visibility cannot be dragged to 100 M. Help!

Hi Emmanuel,

Firstly it’s not the ‘update doesn’t work’ most likely it’s your device or the fact you haven’t downloaded it correctly.

Firstly check on the play/App Store that the download is complete and the update is installed. If it’s not, download it and resume.

FYI the auto land button is only yet available on the 737-700BBJ, the developers will slowly release it to more aircraft down the road. Secondly the way to adjust the visibility (E.g add more fog) is by the following. Menu >Weather >Visibility > 100m.

Try these, if they are unsuccessful then come back! :)


How do you download it???

Either the App Store or the Play Store, depending on your device. Select updates and click download!

does it cost anything?

No, once you have bought the App all post updates are free. However, the update may bring features that cost like in app purchases.

Most devices automatically download updates, but some (Yours in this case) do not.

Hi Emmanual,

First of all the as said by @Harry the auto land is only available on the 737-BBJ, this is the first release with auto land so its will take time to get adjusted for all airplanes.

Your phone/tablet should automatically be able to update the game if you have bought it.

Which device are you using?

NVM earlier, i got the update. I’m using an IPhone 5C

Useful infos! :)