Questions about the storage space

Since IF uses 5 GB of my storage, my device storage is almost full. That’s why I have to clear all the data from IF every week, but that can’t be the solution…

So here are a few questions:

  1. Is there a way to stop the automatic download?
  2. Is it possible to delete just some airplanes instead of all data?
  3. Is it possible to storage the data on a SD card like it’s possible with the game itself?

I think the 3rd question is the most important one, if it isn’t possible by now this could also be an improvement in the future as many other apps (e.g. Spotify or Netflix) are using this feature to avoid conflicts.

I also have little space only 16GB in a Samsung galaxy J7 imagine how complicated it is every time you delete data and install it again hahaha


I think maybe the developers can find an efficient way to reduce storage with the same content, although this would take a very hard job. Some people would like to have scenery in IF, well if it takes 5GB of our storage for the current content in IF, who knows what will be the new size of IF with scenery! However the flying simulator app, Aerofly 2 has detailed airport scenery with some buildings, and all of this is just 1GB. So there is chance for storage being reduced.


I just don’t see the problem as you decide which planes you want downloaded
I have a j5(2016), only 16GB memory.
Do I have enough place for other apps?
Do I have a lot of pics in my gallery?
Do I have a SD card?

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That is true but if you would have flown into a busy airport all the planes you encounter that you did not download would still automatically be downloaded.

I do know there was a feature request at some point to allow IF to he moved to the SD.

The odd part is everyone wants super detailed 4k textures on every plane but nobody considers the space requirements. FDS has said in the past that they are researching more efficient methods to help with space issues.


Basically we can"t transfer IF storage in our Sd card because when I tried to transfer IF on my Sd IF storage didn’t go on my Sd card so now I can’t download all air planes because I have not enough of storage on my device

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they download me alone jaja

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I know there might be a risk that everyone could copy the data, but this problem could be solved by adding extra files which render that impossible. And what I really don’t understand is the fact that almost every app is using a feature to save the data on a SD card…

Textures are important of course (and btw also the scenery) but I wouldn’t mind if I could storage the data on the SD card… like it’s possible with the game itself.

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