Questions About the "Electrical" Tab

Happy 20.1 everyone!

As many of you are probably doing, I am enjoying the update! However, I had a couple questions that I would be interested to find answers to.

  1. Does the APU burn fuel? Is this something that needs to be taken into account when planning fuel?
  2. Does the Main Battery stay on all flight (Like it did prior to 20.1) or does it get shut off after the APU is started? Do any of you know how this works in the real world?

Thats all, Just some things I was curious about.


The APU is meant to start at least one engine and then be shut off. It doesn’t stay on for the whole flight.

Not sure about the second question, but I’m pretty sure you keep it on. It’s like the Master Switch.

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  1. Yes, currently the APU runs off of unicorn magic or something. In real life, the APU would normally draw ~200 lbs/hr from the left tank. This isn’t currently supported in Infinite Flight
  2. APU should get shut off roughly prior to taxi. The APU basically provides electrical power
    to the aircraft until the engine intake takes over. See this video here:

The main battery should remain on the whole duration of the flight! :)


Thank you both for your answers! Really helps me out!

So if I’m cruising and I forgot to turn off the APU, can I turn it off now even though I’m in the air?

True, but if you’re worried about realism, I wouldn’t worry about this tiny detail, lol

Yes, you can. Sully turned it on and off in the air while he was trying to restart his engines.

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Yes, the main battery does stay on the full flight while the APU can be turned off after one engine has started.

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