Questions about the aerodynamic state and engine thrust of the Boeing B777

Hey, Hello, staff of Infinite flight. I am a loyal player. I have more than 1,000 hours of flight time and 570 landings on the infinite flight. I want to publish my remade Boeing B777-300. The airliner raised several questions: It is well known that the GE90-115b engine used by the B777-300ER is currently the engine with the highest thrust of a single engine, reaching 514KN. That’s why the B777-300 has also become the most popular long-distance airliner today. But in the infinite flight, I found that its thrust and pneumatics are a little too abnormal and violent. When the weight of the aircraft is 83% (overweight), it only takes 80% of the take-off thrust to ensure stable climbing, and so is the approach. The speed only 135 to maintain 2- The head of 3° at the corner of attack. But in reality, when the plane is overweight, the 15° of the flaps will basically choose the thrust between 90% and TOGA to take off to ensure stable climbing, and the approach speed is between 143-155kt. Why do you approach infinite flight? When the speed is between 140 and 150kt, my posture has always been negative? This puzzled me. And the front flap of the Boeing B777 looks strange near the tip. Is it because of the modeling problem? Ask the staff or friends who know these questions to let me know that I think the staff has done a good job in mechanical modeling. I just hope to change the engine thrust and pneumatic simulation data of the B777 so that it will be closer to reality, because I basically won’t choose the B777 to complete any one. Duan flight, I am a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder. I can’t accept it, so I will choose Airbus A330 and A350 to complete the long-distance flight, and the B787 will also be on my list of options. For short-distance flights, I will choose the A320 series and B737 series to complete, which will make me feel satisfied. That’s all my questions. In addition, I wish infinite flight better and better, and I will always support infinite flight. I love it, including all the friends who work hard for Infinite flight!


Hey Mate,

I understand your frustrations with the 777. The devs try to make the aircraft as realistic as possible in every aspect when they can. With the underpowered aspect you are speaking about, the devs can only do so much with the dynamics of an aircraft and the power of it. Maybe in the future they might address the issues from your perspective. But for now i would say the 777 wont be reworked due to it being reworked in late 2020. Maybe try using more power while doing flights to try and meet the irl profiles.

Cheers, Rye. :)

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When the 777 was being developed - the developers did have real B777 pilots test the flight physics and performance - the devs wouldn’t have released the B777 until it was as accurate as they can make it.

Also in your comparison between IF and real life with thrust settings, the flaw in your explanation is IRL you don’t actually know how heavy the plane was - so you don’t know the load factor and therefore can’t accurately compare.

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Well,I just want the engine thrust is not so violent.

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