Questions about starting a VA

Hey there! I need help for my VA… I don’t know what website I should use to make a website for my upcoming VA… plus, im looking for a staff and a partner (COO).


Question 1

Website for making a VA (other than WIX, to hard to use. Haha. If no other options than its fine)

Question 2

How do I make a page that only members can see?

Question 3

How do I make a list of routes and members?

Question 4

How to make a PIREP I can fill

Question 5

How to recruit people (staff) looking for staff and Partner i can trust to work with me and be COO

Hey I am sorry if there is alot and if it is answered in the IFAVRB website or something. But thank you in advance if you help me

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  1. Weebly works good. I prefer Wix, but they’re really similar.

  2. I know you can on Wix, I don’t know about doing so on Weebly or other sites.

  3. Airtable is your best bet. It’s the easiest platform in my opinion.

  4. Also Airtable. It’s very simple and straightforward.

  5. The Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

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oh thank you! But I am part of SVA and I fill my PIREP forms throught the website. and how do i know what routes my Airline flies IRL

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Question 1: Weebly or Wix is your best bet
Question 2: It really depends on your website builder.
Question 3: Airtable
Question 4: Airtable
Question 5: After review, you can post staff requests here

By the way, there is a questions thread that you can ask questions on. Check it out! IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread - #719 by BritishAirways001

Another guide can be found here

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What Airline is your VA based upon?

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oh i really dont wanna expose it soo ill PM you thank you!

Sounds good :)

I am the CEO of my own VA so I won’t steal it :)


You can refer to Flightradar24, flight aware etc. They have all the information you need. Another option is to purchase schedules, fleet and airport lists from

Wix has a login page (for members) if I’m not wrong.

Another option to file pireps would be a phpVMS crew center. Check out the tutorial!

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Thank you so much! for your help! And thank you to @Z-Tube too… Thanks!


You’re welcome, let me know if you have any other questions. My VA is currently in review :)

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oh congrats! Hope it goes well! Good luck!!!

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And if you’re wanting to add real life codeshares works well


Thank you to you too @21cabbage!!!

phpVMS is great for stuff like that

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Thank you!

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Wix or Weebly are good, but a HTML template can also be good (free hosting with

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I’m just going to say this now, I said this yesterday and I will continue to spread this message, because it’s extremely important.

If you don’t know the basics of how a VA works and operates, don’t start a VA. It’s a tedious process that requires months of hard work, dedication, and experience. Trust me, it’s not easy. Get the experience, learn the fundamentals first.


I can be staff or partner


Thank you! I will speak to you later after this is set up

Hey how do i add a section for log in on Weebly. and how to make a page only can be seen when logged in. And for the log in, they need to register first. If anybdoyc an help me haha