Questions about screenshot editing

Hello there, if you follow me on IG (GalaxyQueenRosa), you might have seen that i post photos there and i post photos there that are completely different when it comes to editing.

I saw the rules on #screenshots-and-videos and it said like this.

So that baffles me if i can post and showcase here a photo like this, without the topic getting closed?

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It says you can photoshop features that are already in the simulator, but I’m yet to see a tree in this game, so it is probably a no. Feel free to not vote for a tree here though.


It’s closed……😬😬

Exactly as I've said

You pulled a sneak move right there…

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Hahaha 😂 (10)

With regards to this rule, they essentially mean that it’s fine to combine multiple in-sim screenshots into one composite image. Each layer must still reflect actual gameplay in its entirety.

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