Questions about overspeeding warning under 10000ft

Sometimes I fly in expert server, and when I am descending I didn’t take good control of my speed. When I reach 10000ft, I’m flying at about 255IAS but no warning was given, even though I was continuing my descent. However my speed was slow enough above 9500ft. I wonder why I didn’t trigger the alarm and what will trigger it?

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So you where decending at 255? If so the warning only happens at 260 knts

As Cpt_Zorndy said above, the warning kicks in at 260kts as this gives the pilots a 10 knot IAS leeway to correct their speed. That being said, you should still fly at a maximum of 250 knots IAS below 10,000. Flying at 259 is technically “okay”, but this might lead to you receiving some unwanted violations. An extra 9 knots won’t get you to your destination all that much quicker but it does put you at a greater risk of receiving violations.

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Maybe no… Sometimes when I depart I will trigger the alarm at 250kts. It might be something with altitude.

Not sure how that’s possible - perhaps you’re overlooking it? Since the beginning of Live, the warning has always been set at 260kts indicated :)

Oh, well I only get it at 260

Long ago the warning would be triggered at 250 knots, but they changed it to 260 knots years ago


The warning isn’t typically given at 260kts and above just to give you a bit of leeway.
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