Questions about Mach Loop related to the new FNF

Hey, i know of the mach loop but a person i can point you too is @David_Beckett He is an expert of the loop.

Additionally, here is a link where you can read more about it and learn how to try it yourself, by the wonderful @lucaviness ;)


should I pm him?

Thank you !

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This might also help 🙂

feel free to do so if you wish

Another great spot for Mach Koop info:

It has everything you need to know.

@IF787 @Sashaz55 @Skyler.Cooper @Suhas Thank you all for the help


Here you go

Are there any spawns at EGOD, or is it just the runway spawns?

For realism if your taking a RAF fighter to the loop go from EGXC. C-130 is EGVN. But yes fighters can spawn in EGOD (I think)


Pretty sure you wouldn’t be allowed in a jet fighter there during FNF

You can but flying at sensible speeds. As in not flying at Mach 3 100ft above the airport.

Ehmm yes you would? Fighters are in the loop all the time in fact it’s mostly fighters.

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And yes you can’t go above Mach 1. For C-130’s I recommend between 280-300 knots

@HercDriver206 Is the guy to talk to bout C-130 stuff.


At EGOD, it is just runway spawns, although EGOV might be a better option if you’re looking for more realistic spawns


Fighter jets are not part of the allowed planes during FNF tonight

yes it is part of fnf


EGOD is a smal GA airfield in real world, therefor no one edited this former airbase yet.
EGOV is the base that “hosts” the Machloop.

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