Questions about Live grading

I have a few questions about live grading:

1.) Can I see how many violations I have?
2.) If for example, the grade 3 requirement is Max. Violations 5 in 24 hrs, and I get 6 in 24 hrs, does it mean I can never get to Grade 3?
3.) Is it possible to calculate how much XP I’ll earn in a flight?


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There’s a grade table somewhere in your Live profile in game.

No, your violations will reset to 0 after 24 hours.

Nope, the calculation of XP is a secret recipe.


Thanks, secret recipe it is!! Someone can mark this as solved and close it. Thanks!

If you have have more devices, during your flight, go with your other device to liveflight, find your self and you can see how many violations you have.

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Not so secret if it’s easy to figure out 😉

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I thought it was 10xp per minute of flight plus 100xp per landing or touch and go, no?

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