Questions about light aviation

One year ago I started getting into light aviation and VFR flying in Infinite Flight.
Thanks to the help of the community I learnt the basics of pilotage and keeping my eyes out of the window to find my way.

Now I’m facing some questions about flying light planes in general (particularly the Cub) and I cannot find answers precise enough.

  • Can I fly freely vertical wise or should I keep my altitude in the 2500, 3500, 4500(…) feet even when I’m not in cruise ?

  • Do I use IFR procedures (SID/STAR) when flying out/in class Bravo airports?

I’m thinking about Geneva (LSGG). I wonder if I should fly IFR (via airways and waypoint) and then do the published VFR approach or if I can fully go IFR with the commercial traffic.

  • For the Xcub, when should I reduce the mixture?

Do I wait until cruise or a specific altitude?

This is all I have in mind right now. Hopefully I will find an answer to my question again :)

For the altitudes, the X500 altitudes are for VFR flight only. For the mixture on both the XCib and the C172, you reduce it at cruise

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ok thanks for the mixture, that’s what I was doing in doubt

Yes of course for VFR, I should have specified. But let’s say I want to fly lower to the ground (500ft AGL for example) can I do it or I should stick to the X500 rule

I don’t think ATC would permit an aircraft that low, but then again I’ve seen a B17 do patterns over downtown New Orleans at that altitude, so I’d just say whatever pleases you. Stick to 1,500-4,500 AMSL when you aren’t cruising

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Thank you for the help, I took quite an extreme for the example

Have a nice day

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