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As a teenager, I tend to think about the future, like if I will pass English or if I will find true love or even… let’s cut there.
Getting to the point. I was wondering if I lived in Australia, and I wanted to join Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong based) do I have to move to Hong Kong to fly for Cathay or could I live in Australia and somehow fly for Cathay.

Well, this is well into the future, we’re talking like 5 to 30 years in. I still have a lot of time to plan and work this out. But just to get it off my head. Thanks!


In an airline company, they have bases at the place they fly to, so if you live in Brisbane for example, you would fly for flights from Brisbane and back.


My Uncle lived in Toronto and worked for Korean Air. Twice a month he’d fly to Seoul, do a few flights there, and then fly back. He worked out of Korean Air’s base in Toronto, so I presume you could do the same in Australia with Cathay, or even Emirates etc.


To put it simply, yes. Although you would most likely just serve that route though.

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Me been Australian also, made me want to ask why do you want to fly for Cathay specifically,
Why not virgin, Jetstar, Qantas, tiger

Well, I want to fly for a large large company. One that operates around the world. Yes, qantas operates to every continent, but doesn’t have many destinations. I also like Cathay’s fleet. Also want to operate in a city with much traffic

Atlanta has a TON of traffic, but you know, its in the east US which is almost as far as you can get from home.

I applied to the Cathay cadet program a while back and they preferred the cadets be Hong Kong citizens. Or if they hold duel citizen ship one has to be of Hong Kong.

It’s a great program but it tough to get hired or a call for an interview unless you are a citizen. Also you MUST be based out of Hong Kong initially. Which is good and bad. Good beacuse well it’s Hong Kong and I love Hong Kong. Bad beacuse it’s one of the most expensive cities to live in and in a cadet paycheck it will be tough without family financial support.

Again, this was maybe 5-6 yrs ago. Not usrr how much has changed but if you Google Cathay cadet program there are tons of info on it.

As far as living in Australia and commuting … that will be tough. Anything more an 1:30mins of commuting is too much for me. Personally. Haha

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Always good to be having a serious think about your future, the choices you make as a late teenager can affect the rest of your life. HOwever that is als the time to enjoy your self and get lots of different experinces, as when you get older you have more responcibilities and less time to do that!

Cathy Pacific I understand has a very tough repuation and as a Second Officer you will have to live in Hong Kong. As a more senior pilot you might have more freedom to move about and commute. I would recommend you reading the PPRUNE Forum (Proffesional Pilot Rumour Network), they have lots of great info about joining the proffesional world. If you are really keen about CPX, have a read of the “Fragrant Harbour” threads to get an idea of whats it like.

good luck and happy landings


They actually also prefer China, Macau, and Taiwan passports too. Since China claims that it owns all that land.

Schedule airlines like people to live around their hubs. So if you wanted to fly for Cathy etc you would most likely have to move to hong kong or need to be a citizen of the registered airline.

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Ah. Good to know

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