Questions about ghosting

Earlier, I got my first report (ghosting). I’m not really sure what this means and I’d like someone to fill me in. I’m not what I did wrong, maybe I need to study IF handbooks?

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Sorry to hear that you were ghosted,

What is a report (aka ghost)?

Being reported, often referred to as a ghost, is when an IFATC member notices a pilot breaking server rules, excessive speed, interfering with others, or not following controller instructions. Being reported causes the pilot to be invisible to others and ATC. This report is also saved to the pilot profile and will impact the grade based on the grade matrix. It is possible to be reported by certain pilots at an airport without active ATC.

If you are confused as to the reason for your ghost then let us know the user who ghosted you. found in your logbook, and we can put you in contact with them to discuss this further.


I got ghosted by IFATC Benjamin at MMUN on Cancun approach

I can contact him if you want to, he’s my friend

Your controller is @Beniamino, PM him to discuss your ghosting :)


Ok, thank you.

Please allow the reported and the reporter to handle matters privately. If you want to point someone in the right direction, that would be very useful (maybe find the user, as @Matt already has) and tag them here. However, you should not create any IFC PMs between a controller and the appealing pilot.


Sorry, about that

ill PM him, this topic can be closed.

Hey Check this it will help you :D

Check out this too after you find out. Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes