Questions about getting Regular.

So I have had some questions lately about getting Regualr, here they are in a list.

Once you get suspended is there a time delay for getting Regular? If so, how long is it?

What more things can Regulars do than Members?

Do you have to take a test to become Regular?

Is getting Regular an automatic thing or does a Staff or Moderator have to manually change it?

I would figure that @schyllberg would know the answers to all of these.

Regulars can fix titles, move them into correct topics, do tutorials (Im assuming with permissions)

No Test!

It’s an Automatic thing and also Staff can change that


No. You aren’t able to be automatically promoted to regular if you have been suspended.


One thing don’t tag a staff member. And then say what you said. If they could answer it all maybe PM them;) But you got your answers 💪


How do I get a Staff member to rank me if I have been suspended?

You can’t necessarily ‘get’ a staff member to promote you to regular. You have to earn the trust level. Just continue contributing and being a helpful member of the community and you never know.


They won’t, getting regular if you’ve been suspended is extremely hard and rare from what I’ve been told could be wrong:) Staff don’t promote to regular, they can demote a regular or promote them to TL4 AKA moderator💪

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Does the amount of time that you have been suspended for change the rarity of the promotion?

I’d believe so, that I don’t know to the answer too:(

Because I was suspended for 1 day. I was just being plain stupid that day.

As mentioned, if you have been suspended the system will not automatically promote you to regular once you reach all the requirements as one of the requirements is that you have had 0 suspensions.

Also, a moderator or staff member can promote you to regular but you have to earn it. You have to prove that you are a great contributor to the community, and just keep continuing to help out others, and see what happens.


This is a widely unnecessary topic and clogs the forum.

Making a topic about how to rank up in TL often results in the same answer of “Be contributing and active on the forum”. By this time, there are already enough topic about increasing TL for others to learn.


Honestly don’t put too much stock in becoming regular. I get it, it’s the big leagues, but if you have this fake bubble of activity that’s just a bad idea, you’ll push yourself too far, and honestly be sorely disappointed when you lose it shortly there after because you’re activity went sharply down. Think about why you want to become regular, there are right reasons to become regular, but there are also wrong ones. I loved my time as a regular, but I frankly don’t miss that much now that I’m a member. Honestly it gets to a lot of people’s heads, they turn into these police on the forums. I’m not one to disagree with enforcing rules, I pretty much make a living off of it, but some people get a little too carried away, and the new users who post a topic only to get four or five copy and pasted messages about how it’s wrong? What are they supposed to do with that, it just scares them away. Anyway, I digress, if you want it, by all means seek it out, make yourself better in the process, but don’t be bummed if you can’t make it. Only a few people come to mind as long time beloved regulars. There are people who meet that point for a period of time, but really being one of the regulars is a hard task for anyone, just do what you do on the forum, and it either will, or won’t get you there, simple as that, no problem either way…


Adding on to what @Claudio said, I would encourage you to not make TL3 a priority. Obviously, being a regular has its perks, but it’s not honest if you just try to hit the bare minimum requirements to get to TL3.

People who are actively helping others and contributing to the community, now those are the people who deserve regular. People who farm trust levels sometimes don’t know what they’re saying, but people still take their word for granted simply because of their trust level. My advice for you is to just be a kind and helpful person, answer other people’s questions, and help them if needed. If you continually show that you are an integral member of the community, then you’ll achieve (and deserve) regular status. :)


It also doesn’t exactly help one become that trust level…

This has been changed by Infinite Flight Staff, I’ve been suspended and told I can still become a regular by Schyllberg yesterday. I’m not yet though because I’m not active enough and I need more read time…

Depends on what schyllberg told you, I guess. Declan is saying that the system won’t automatically promote you, but maybe schyllberg meant that mods can manually promote you to TL3. I suppose you’ll have to clarify on what he said.


If I was us - I’d probably ask a Mod of Staff and have them actually respond to the suspension thing.

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🤔 hmm? If he pops up in another post similar I’ll ask again, even though it’ll be a ‘speak of the devil’ moment, and when I next log onto the IFC, I’ll see a reply from him 😂

I’m annoyed kinda because I was suspended for 24 hours about 3 hours after I was inactive on the IFC 🤦‍♂️… this was during the time that Android’s subscription wasn’t working

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No need to directly add someone to the topic, people will add their help to it, whether it be a mod, reg or member.