Questions about ForeFlight

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Hi guys! Does some of you use ForeFlight? I’ve some questions regarding this app.

  1. Are all airports charts available?
  2. Is it possible to create a flight plan and sand it automatically to IF?
  3. What does it improve to your IF experience?
  4. Does a subscription mandatory?

Thank you all

  1. I am not too sure but yes, it most likely has all airports.
  2. You can create a flight plan, you can copy it and paste it into IF as long as you are on the same device.
  3. It improves realism, it helps make your own route to your own destination.
  4. I think there is a free version, not too sure but you need a subscription as well.

Hope this helps



  1. It depends on what subscription you buy… but the basic one only includes VFR sectionals and IFR charts for the U.S. You can purchase this and find other details about the subscriptions at
  2. Like previously said, you can copy and paste.
  3. It definitely helps with all airport info, you have access to diagrams and charts depending on your subscription
  4. Yes you need a subscription, however there’s a 30 day free trial. I would recommend you begin the trial once you know your really going to need the app.
    (Make sure you have enough storage before you get the subscription, it will take up 15GB on an iPad)
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As you can see, I only get U.S charts, not world charts.

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