Questions about flying Fighters on ES

Hi! Recently, when Seoul was the hub, I decided to fly some patterns and then fly around the Yellow Sea in am A-10 from Osan Airbase.

I was just wondering for future, is there any special procedures or tips I should put into use to make IFATC’s life as easy as possible? I love the work that IFATC does and I dont want to make it hard for them :)



I don’t fly fighters, but I think this guide Tyler made sums it up:


Thank you!

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And long as you don’t get in way of any traffic or enter the HUBs airspace, you should be fine. Please keep in mind that for any acrobatics please use the Casual Server, in ES you will get automated violations

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I think I remember you, Owen. I was confused as to what you were doing at first so that’s why I on-guarded you. If you just want to fly around, all you need to do is call in as VFR to radar and stay away from the traffic. While VFR, you are expected to “See and Avoid”, meaning you are responsible for maintain separation with other planes. The minimum separation needed with a VFR aircraft is 500 feet.

I’m glad that you are being considerate to others!

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Okay, thanks for replying! I liked your controlling and the way you handled my request quickly even in a busy airspace :-)

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