Questions about creating a another account

Welp, i know that second accounts are prohibited in IFC, but i think that creating a new account with a name based on my Insta is more favorable because I cant even recognize my followers or ones that i follow that also have the Open Beta

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Contact @moderators and they can change it. Note you can only change it once


No, changing my name is not i want

I mean i want to create an another account without troubles.

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Then message @moderators

I want to change my name until i saw this post from Discord server which i am in

I know you can’t have a second account unless explicit permission (eg if you want an account for ur VA). Best bet is to pm and discuss with @ moderator

Hey Kyline! I am a little confused about what you might be asking for here. Do you think you could elaborate a little more? As far as I know, the IFC does not operate any of their means on discord. Do you have a second account that you want to get rid of? If so PM moderators asking them to do so. Do you want to change your current name of Kyline_Gudy to a different name, you can also contact the moderators asking them to do so.

If you are asking for something different do you mind elaborating on the issue?

Yeah i know IFC is not on Discord but that quote came from my friend who did make an another account that has been sent that long quote.

Hmm… maybe i will get rid of this account soon.

and much more, Kyline is not my name anymore

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Do you think you would explain why you might want to get rid of the account? The IFC is an awesome place and I would hate for you to delete an account over an issue that might have a solution you don’t know about!

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Well since the new 20.2 beta has came out, my name from social media (precisely Instagram) got me more recognized by my name in Insta not my IFC name

Also, i would hate if everyone is calling my name like “Athena are you spawned yet?,” Then saying yes but they getting more confused as Kyline shows up instead

P.S. they dont knew my IFC name

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The moderation team shouldn’t have a problem helping you create a new IFC account (if that’s what you’re looking for). You can inform them of your intentions, and they will most likely suspend your current account, which will make room for your new one.

That said, if you still have the option for a username change, why wouldn’t you go that route? It appears you’ve been a solid contributor to this community with this account, so why not keep it that way!

If I misunderstood something, please let me know.

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Knows it’s not allowed to create a new account -> does it anyway. 👏