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Hi, just struggling to understand a few things about the new center frequency, sorry if I sound a bit dumb but I’m just new to this

Does Center set your altitude or is it at your own discretion?

Does Center vector you to the airport?

When controlling Center frequency do you have full control over all the aircraft in your airspace?

Does Center set your speed or is it at your own discretion?


Yes they can tell you to change altitude if necessary.

They will most likely set you up for a STAR. Vectoring is Approach’s job.

Again, like altitude, they can tell you to change speed if required.

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Hi there!

Our 20.1 update has a whole host of new features. These substantially increase the realism of the simulator. We understand these may be new for you, so we have created a host of new YouTube tutorials , plus a brand new in-depth guide that talks you through all these is to know about Infinite Flight and how to use it. You can find this below!


You should be able to find more information in this guide. Otherwise please feel free to ask again and someone with more knowledge then me on the topic will be glad to help!

Thank you Benny, also what does emitter range mean? I thought one controller could have complete control over the entire airspace

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No, the center control is much too big for one controller - often it will take several controller’s to fill up a center airspace. Emitter range is how wide the controller’s “region” within the ACC (Area Control Center) is - which is a 270nm wide area


Ahh rodger. So if you got outside and theres no other controller then your simply out of range?

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Yes. Essentially.

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Thanks for the direct answers, it helped me understand it in a straight forward manner. Appreciate it!

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Do you know if Center will report me for not listening to all instruction if i am asleep?

No, Center will not report you. They can see your activity status on your icon.

Cool thanks @Lucas_Piedra and @JulianB

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what happens if I touch something on the device. Then I leave and 1 minute later center tells me to change altitude but I am away but my device says I am online what will he do

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