Questions about buildings

My first question is will more buildings be added in the future

Second question in the future will jet bridges be animated

Third question Will large general aviation airports like KADS be added

Fourth are building to be added on a monthly basis like the current nav update or on the update basis for example we get another 10 buildings in 21.2 etc

Fifth Will there be new ATC commands for example virgin 613 taxi to terminal 4 gate 3

Sixth Will users be able to control the jet bridges Like you can scroll down to MISC
and hit jet bridge 1 to door L1 or for the 380 jet bridge 3 to upper deck door L1

Seven will airports be more realistic like realistic control towers at all airports in curved Terminals like Dubai and custom features like the Tom Bradley terminal roof in LA

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7th question: did you read the FAQ or any of the blog posts 😬

This one mainly has answers to most of these questions. As for any others, if they haven’t been answered by staff then nobody else on the forum will know.


I can help answer 1 and 2.

  1. The devs are working on more, we don’t know which ones or how many, but there’s lots of WIPs.

  2. Jet bridge animations are actually built in already but are disabled. Probably because our devices would instantaneously combust if so (this has been said on stream).

Most likely so.

That’s what IF Staff said was their plan.

I am sure they will consider them, seeing we got very interesting airports that I love in this update and not just EGLL etc.

Not sure. I wouldn’t think on a monthly basis, though. 3D buildings AND vehicles maybe too complicated.

Hopefully, in the future with taxiway names. This hasn’t been confirmed nor denied.

I would say that’s how they will would work once they are animated. Can’t think of another way.

Hope I helped and by the way not all of these are official.

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Thanks I have one more question above