Questions about being ATC on training server

I’ve been dipping toes into the new world of being ATC in the last week and have attempted to take the helm of the controls at a few airports. I have a concern/ question specifically about my own conduct here, and out of common courtesy to other pilots who are flying whilst I am controlling. I’ve learned my entire ATC knowledge through experience of flying as a pilot, but never operating as an actual ATC which is an entirely different kettle of fish.

I know that it’s the training server, however I am certainly weary of ruining the enjoyment of other pilots by giving them bogus instructions and misdirecting them by mistake whilst I am trying to learn the art of ATC as well.

Is it therefore a complete no no to take the controls and make a mess of directing people on the training server and are there repercussions from doing so? For example, misdirecting angles on approach, making a mess of step procedures to follow? I’m weary of the fact that the pilot will certainly not be pleased but at the same time trying to learn myself (no trolling on my part at all of course - all genuine!).

Basically, is it allowed/ or totally discourteous to take the ATC controls on training without a higher level of experience? And if a mess is made, what are the comebacks other than personal learning? My No.1 priority is not to ruin the experience for others on training (or any server). I intend to practice and practice but don’t wish to ruin the experience of others at the same time.



As long as a tracking thread is made and people know you are training, you will be just fine. I think that if you learn and grow from feedback as well as acknowledge it, people will not be bitter.

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Well to simply answer your question, no, the training server is to train you so you can literally do whatever you want (hence the name…). If you get something wrong it doesn’t matter, it won’t affect anything
But don’t troll or anything of course.

First of all, I love this mindset. We need more people like you in this world.

In order to get the best training and have pilots with an ounce of professionalism compared to the usual TS pilots, I’d suggest creating an ATC Tracking thread.

If you don’t feel ready for that, to get a hang of the ATC commands/interface, you can technically open any airport on the TS, as long as you don’t abuse it, which I’m sure you won’t. It’s called ‘Training’ server for a reason, so don’t be afraid! If you enjoy ATC on the Training Server and you want to start your tracking thread or learn more about ATC, the ATC User Guide is also an incredibly useful tool.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey, and hopefully one day we will see you controlling the Expert Server skies.


Absolutely not :). It’s called the Training Server for a reason, and the reason is to learn right procedure from wrong procedures before you move up to the Expert Server. Are you striving to join the elite IFATC crew?

It would be cool to eventually be a part of it when the time is right. I’ve been flying on the expert for years with IFATC doing their thing very well so thought it was time to branch out and start learning more about it from the controller room 😎

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