Questions about becoming TL3

Hi, there are Regulars on the forum and i have a question. I’ve been flagged before and it wasn’t spam or anything bad it was off topic and the other one was when i flagged my own post to delete it. I have been flagged 3 times never for spam or offense though. So my ultimate question is am I eligible to become a Regular. Thanks, United2

You’ll get regular when you get regular. I believe it’s a max of 5 flags every 100 days could be wrong, i believe it’s something like that.
I believe that’s the proper link


Ok thanks you so just keep contributing and viewing. I believe this topic can be closed

The only ridiculous part is anyone can flag you. It doesn’t seem fair, and some people like to get out of hand with it and they think they are a mod. I could flag you right now if I wanted. I definitely think there should be stricter guidelines.

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I believe the moderates oversee the flags but yeah I see you point. You could add it to #features I would like to see it

Yes, I was flagged 3 times as well, and, as u can see, I am a regular


Everyone can flag. But as @United2 - the flag won’t have any effect until it’s been handled by a moderator.


Have you read the topic he linked?

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And are there any requirements stipulated in the topic?

No, there’s not. I wrote the topic.


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