Questions about atc

Hello I would like to ask if this distance is safe between two aircraft thanks

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Yea, this looks fine


Yeah I got a message in expert server Maintain safe distance I feel like I being not respected

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I was at singapore airport

Yeah, looks like a safe distance to me!

Just message the controller with this and ask for clarification if you‘re not sure.

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Hi there!
If you feel at all angry please contact the controller, they often do make mistakes as they are constantly overloaded! They do try their best but are human and make mistakes! It was not aimed at you in any way just a mistake!
Happy Flying :D


I was olso told to expedite my take of I did not understand I olso seen other aircraft to expedite their take of it just bit odd


@Al1cco. MaxSez: PILOT ERROR is based on the eye of the Observer! In this case a Controller who’s judgment routinely prevails. As it rates on the scales of justice “Respect” does not enter into this equation. Suck it up MoveOn, Your Personal Gripe is self-serving!
G’day, Max


Yeah, that’s ok because you’re on ground

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