Questions about a massive event at KSFO

Hi IF community and moderators

I am hosting an event at KSFO San Francisco international on Labor day, Sept 5th and wondering if it’s possible to get a NOTOM over the airport on the day of the event because it’s such a massive event?

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I agree with this

Given that even Flash flights and back when there was FNF’s there wasn’t NOTAM’s, I would suspect not. I also believe they are not a temporary thing, they are permanently over an airport. But if someone wants to prove me wrong I am more than happy for them to.

Is this on expert?

I haven’t thought about that yet. Will the server type dictate my options

@United403 if it’s in Training Server you will not see a NOTAM You will see a NOTAM IN Expert Server

Wait @United403 if you mean the information on the right, this is an ATIS that is provided by the controllers at the airfield.

@BP-Aviation this event will take place at KSFO

Which San Francisco is an International Airport @United403

I know, I knew this from the start, but I was just referencing if that was the type of info they were looking for

Ok so if you are on expert the ATC can put out a event in proggres check IFC for Info notam but you can to training

SFO does not need a NOTAM @United403

Here are some of the gate assignmentts

This is starting to turn into an actual event thread now that you are showing gate assignments, so I would recommend you look at the rules on how to structure the thread before continuing.

I won’t tell anymore details. One of my IFC friends is helping

Thanks for the tips on the NOTAM stuff

It depends what his plans are. If its San Francisco only then no.

If he or ATC plans to open Oakland and San Jose as well then yes.
Otherwise you get one massive mess over the Bay Area. All the special precautions and procedures can make it really tricky for pilots not familliar with the area.

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How many signups do you actually have?

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