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Will the airport terminals have lighting like in real life for example the development team showed us a preview of KDEN will it look like this at night with the bright flood lights and lights in the terminal image or will it just be black like all the airports are now I really hope that the developers can get the airports to look like that picture


Might find out when there is more info said from the Dev team but should come in the future hopefully


You can get most information you want to know here

Infinite Flight will let us know more when they are ready


Dynamic lighting won’t be added yet (as mentioned in the article shared by @CrisYe). It is possible that they add a few simple lights to the buildings, but it’s very, very, very unlikely that they will illuminate anything and it has never been mentioned from what I know. The article also says that the IF team will focus on dynamic lighting after the first release of buildings is out the door. So in conclusion, it’s pretty unlikely, but who knows!


Dynamic lighting is something that the change to Metal and Vulcan will help facilitate, so I think initially maybe not until the changeover is finished. But regardless if the team were to reveal info about this it would most likely in a WIP on social media or an announcement or FAQ post, so we’ll just have to wait for something like this for this question to be answered.

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If airport light up like real life, my iPad will catch the fire for sure lol


Take a look at the various airport night lighting displays on more advance computer based sims , for example any of the MSFS versions from X to 2020 and you will see quite a bit of examples. I think we can see something like this in the future with IF after Metal and Vulcan is used . But like others have said…for now we wait and see. I would like to see the use of ground night textures also. Towns and Cities aren’t dark at night

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TBf if we get Dynamic lighting with Landing lights and Aircraft lights it would make night flying more better


Agreed the papi light, runway lights and landing light are dim and you don’t even have aircraft runway turn off lights logo lights or aircraft taxi lights or Airport taxi lights

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