Questionable Violation

I know violation disputes seem to fall on deaf ears around here, but I figured what the heck.

A little after takeoff (on the expert server) using a third-party app (which will be held nameless to protect the innocent) I set A/P, my speed at 220 knots, and unfortunately fat fingered my V/S. This caused me to go into a short (but not sweet) unrecoverable nose dive. Correcting the V/S did no good what so ever.

During my short plummet to earth, I shockingly noticed a yellow over-speed warning message. This is besides the point but I’ve read posts where there is supposed to be a sound when a warning or violation occurs. I do not recall hearing a sound.

OK, back to the main reason for the post. After embarrassingly ending my flight after the inevitable crash I noticed I had actually received a violation. This was like rubbing salt into a wound. How could I have crashed any slower?

So,there you go. I understand the “rule violated” but I do not understand why this rule would be applied in this particular scenario. I’m a grade 3, with 183 landings, and 4 violations so I have no concerns about how this affects my grade table. Again, I’m just questioning the rule application and what I could have done to keep it from occurring - other than getting skinnier fingers.


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Nothing can be really done about not getting violations for “realistic crashes” because who’s the judge to tell that you weren’t doing aerobatics and instead had an honestcrash. No code can decipher that. (Not saying you were, just in general.)

There is no sound when the warnings occur :)

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It sounds like you plummeted into a nose dive which increased your speed above 250kn which is a violation. Mystery solved 🙂

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EDIT: @Thomas_G was right about cockpit speeds
And yeah @DiamondGaming4 nailed it on the head- you dove and went fast and got a vio

I just end the flight if I see an inevitable crash ;)

@Sammy_Droubi When the warning for flying with +250knts below 10.000ft comes up, there is no sound warning.

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Please re-read my post … I said I understand the rule violated. I appreciate the reply but no mystery was solved.

I love the sense of humor here.

But in all seriousness, it boils down to being more careful. That’s literally the best advice that one could offer. If we fat finger a button/toggle, we need to be ready to react to whatever will follow or may result.

Generally if I fat finger something autopilot related, I will shut the entire autopilot system off and reengage it after I have hand flown it for a little bit. I’ll regain and establish control before turning it back on.


I was in the cockpit, but it “sounds” like that is irrelevant because there are no warning sounds. Unfortunately there wasn’t any time to end the flight prior to the crash.

This literally happened to me yesterday. Nothing I could do about it. Luckily I’m only Grade 3 and its my only violation for a while so hasn’t effected me much.

My middle name is Careful … or maybe it’s Danger (sorry, bad Austin Power’s reference).

I am and was careful, just couldn’t recover in this very strange case.

Based on years of coding experience I would have to disagree with “no code can decipher that”. Code can be written to cover any scenario. It is whether it is worth the time and effort that is the question.

This happened to me a few times tho not happened for a long time. That be said you need to be quick on the mark. When i have been gong down faster than the titanic just out off no where i would kill my speed, hit my flaps to full put on spoilers and pull up as hard as i can to try and break that speed. End of the day its one if them things but u need to be ready to deal with anything at the drop of a hat or in your case drop of a plane.

Thanks for the replies.

It’s clear that a “honest realistic crash” is treated the same as a hoodlum spiraling out of control due to aerial acrobatics. Oh well, such is life with IF.

In my scenario, the best way to avoid the violation is too not crash. Live and learn! :)

If so desired, a moderator can close this topic. Thanks!

Next time try crashing with style, and grace 😂

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Ask @JoshFly8 he knows how to crash gracefully.