Questionable Lighting and Bad Quality - Spotting at LFPL

Hello, IFC
A few hours ago, I posted a topic about a flight I went on yesterday.

After landing at LFPL, I took the opportunity to do a bit of spotting and to go say hi and chat with ATC because my favorite controller was there.

Here are some pictures from that afternoon/evening.

Please have mercy, these were taken on a rainy day with an 8-year-old portable camera that cost $200 at the time…

One very nice looking King Air

F-GIRV, the PA28 that flew me 300km.

F-GDDN, a Cessna R172F taxiing through a puddle (in front of the nose gear)

F-BTUZ, another Cessna, F172, doing a touch and go after a simulated engine failure

F-GCHO, yet another Cessna, doing a full stop.

A beautiful Pipistrel Velis Electro taxiing nowhere near the centerline

“November 4 three times, Hotel twice” (As the controller said it) flying to the fuel pumps

Aaaand takeoff! (With quite a considerable amount of rain)

F-GESN, a beautiful Piper, taxiing in the rain :(

Thanks a lot for having a look!
Have a great week!


Well done! The photos look so cool!

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Amazing photos as always @Robertine!

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I think their pretty good for not having any light. All that green adds a lot of contrast. Nice panning too.

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Best bad quality I’ve seen in a while. Great photos!

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Thank you!


Merci beaucoup! My goal is to fix the contrast issues… the pictures look like they have too much AND not enough contrast at the same time…

Thanks :D


Magnifique les photos, c’est où LFPN ? Que j’y aille en avion un jour


I know the feeling, critiquing ones own photos and trying to decifier what is or was needed for a better image is an endless task.

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LFPN, c’est au sud-ouest de Paris (le village de Toussus).
Ces photos viennent de LFPL, c’est Lognes (une ville a 10km a l’est de Paris).

Yeah, it’s quite difficult haha


Great shots!

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Great shots! Even despite the weather, although it does add a certain charm.

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Thank you to both of you!