Questionable ATCs...

Quite a few times, especially on approach to Heathrow, in the training server Approach ATCs have completely ruined my approach by giving bizarre and nonsensical instructions.

I came in from the south and was told to turn to a heading of 360 and maintain 10,000 ft which I did. The ATC proceeded to forget about my existence and ignored many further requests for radar vectors for 27R at EGLL. This carried on until I was north of EGSS and I decided to just do a 180, descend to approach altitude and hopefully the ATC would respond, which it did by telling me to turn away from the airport again and climb before then immediately telling me to descend to 3000 again and return to my original heading. By this point the approach was a waste of time and I quit the game out of annoyance.

Another time (at EGLL again) the ATC refused to clear me for the correct runway (there was a strong tailwind on the 09 runways- and the 27 runways were being used by tower) and got considerably more annoyed as I perused an approach at the correct runway. Finally after ignoring his calls for me to ‘disregard my flight plan’ for long enough- tower cleared me for an approach on the correct runway- not after a violation…

I was just wondering if these were common occurrences (and wether it’s okay sometimes okay to ignore instructions like this),especially on the training server and at EGLL, and if there is or should be a way of reporting ATCs if they forget about you and ruin your approach or are unnecessary stubborn about using the wrong runway?

I don’t enjoy hating on ATCs, especially at somewhere as busy as Heathrow, and I know I shouldn’t ever ignore their commands- even if they’re completely bizarre, but I really think there should be an easy way to report or at least make a comment about what happened on a badly handled approach in game. If there is a way already then please could you let me know…

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Theres your problem. Hopefully the new TSATC group can fix this problem, but who knows.


If they are giving you a hard time and giving you horrible instructions use the unicom.

The training server is where both controllers and pilots are learning. EGLL is a popular airport for new controllers along with SFO and LAX and other larger airports. You may want to try flying at other airports or picking one that a controller has asked for traffic in the #atc category as they are looking for serious pilots and feedback about their controlling.

This does not help the situation at all. The best advice is to divert to another airport and use unicom there. If you are using unicom at a controlled airport it just causes more confusion and from the view of other pilots makes you look like the one at fault for potentially not following directions.


I don’t really bother with that because they tend to just bark at you until you join their frequency anyway so it’s best to give them what they want. I might try it though… thanks!

So I assume you requested for radar vectors to EGLL?

If you want an approach… request it!

From the sounds of it the approach controller may have just given you what you asked for: radar vectors to EGLL

Please also keep in mind that all ATC at busy airports such as KLAX and EGLL are constantly being hammered by traffic, so expect delays. Most of the time they haven’t forgotten about you, simply trying to process traffic efficiently. You can’t expect for them to put you at the front of the line when there are 20 aircraft who are already being vectored beforehand.


The final decision of runways in use comes down to the ATC. The amount of traffic that this airport (and many others) face makes it simply too hard to turn around all the traffic to the correct runway. I see this happen on the expert server, but all aircraft just follow instructions. Please just follow instructions Even on “just” the training server as it makes our job so much easier

Thanks for your reply…

I didn’t really say this in the original post but I asked around 2 or 3 times for an approach and they said ‘expect radar vectors’ and let me carry on north way further than any other aircraft on approach to EGLL. After I got no vectors I then asked for those and I didn’t get any. The vectors given to me took me miles away from the airport- wouldn’t they just ask for a 360 for spacing if it was busy (it wasn’t mega busy-about 5 or 6 well spaced planes asking for an approach at the time, but busy enough for a 360). It was quite clear that i was forgotten about… it was only when I did a 180 that the ATC even gave me vectors (albeit bizarre ones)

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I understand your point if all the the traffic is going that way but there were planes taking off in the opposite direction and all the traffic was on rwy 27r/l anyway- the ATc was just weirdly stubborn…

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Just keep in mind that some of these controllers are still learning and not fully competent in ATC, so they may have found it easier to simply vector you a different way, rather than putting you in a hold.

Also please don’t do this^^. It clogs the frequency and is really irritating

This is simply the training server - where everyone is still learning

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Nah they forgot…
They took me 30 miles north of the airport with no intention of turning me around whilst other pilots were vectored in normally… trust me they forgot I was there

And I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for an approach you were supposed to be vectored in for while you’re being treated completely differently to every other plane on frequency and flying directly away from the airport you were going to…

However, I understand we all make mistakes and the training server is for learning. It’s not a personal attack on the ATC himself, I was just expressing my frustration at the frequency this was occurring…


Thank you for a nice discussion regarding the Training Server ATC. Things happen while people are learning from time to time. Thanks for being understanding!