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Anyway, I’ve heard this phrase, but I really can’t remember it! I searched google for 10-15 mins to try and find it but I couldn’t (so don’t suggest I google it 😉). If you know the phrase, could you comment down below. Thanks guys! :-)

Also, what is you opinion on this phrase?

phrase is something like:

It is something about the danger of crashing 8 minutes after takeoff and the danger of crashing 3 minutes before landing. Or visa-versa. Something like that. So the actual phrase is something like: 8 minutes after takeoff / 3 minutes before landing.

[Dont worry. This does NOT mean that your going to crash in the next 8/3 minutes on a flight, it simply means that this is the most likely time you are going to crash. If you have a plane crash, it will most likely be between the 8 minutes of after takeoff and before cruise. Same for landing.]

Does anybody know/heard if it?

Seconds from disaster? That’s a TV show.

Maybe you should PM someone for this.

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I think what your saying is your more likely to crash in the first 8 mins and the last three. The reason for this is because this is the slowest and most critical part of flight. During these times airplanes are closer to their stall speeds than all other times, and smaller mistakes can have a larger effect. It’s why pilots have a “sterile cockpit” under 10,000 feet(commercial) or until cruise(general aviation). It reduces risks

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