Hi iI have a question Is there any possibility to display screen from phone or tablet on computer desktop in high quality without lags ? I just want to play infinite flight with big screen :)

Do you have a android or IOS device?

I think you need a mini usb - HDMI cable

Where I can get it?

I found them on the Internet there £10

Oh nice meme wont spend any money i bought a joystick week ago :(

Fair I lie that’s not the correct one that was a mini hdmi not mini usb this is the one you need

Have a nice day !

Any possibility to display if on laptop without any cables?

I think there’s an AirPlay app that you can download on your laptop think it’s called air server

Any tutorial?

I think there’s no other way other than mirroring if you don’t want cables(mobizen has slow frame rate and takes a while to move)

You can open up air play from the control centre and display to an Apple TV or other similar device

Thats right

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