What will happen to people who bought regions when global flight comes out?


I believe the regions will just go away.

Though that would mean losing money.

Maybe you get credit for the regions you’ve paid for and use it towards paying for Global Flight?..


But I have live plus so I would already get that. So would I get anymore benifits?

This question has been around for sometime. I’m sure even the devs are trying to figure this out or already have a solution so.I’ll prefer waiting.No one can really answer this question now


I guess Global runs on a different server anyway, which you have to pay for like Live. I think you can either fly in Live like we know it today or Global which includes every region (obviously you’d probably have to pay more than Live).


Then if it runs on a different server would there be a level restriction. Though it would probally start a lvl 3.

But what would happen to live plus people? Please answer my pm it is important.

I hope it’ll come free for those who have purchased live+. Otherwise it’ll be seriously disappointing.

I personally think that the title is too vague… Perhaps a Regular or @Delta_Virtual can change it to say “Questions about Global Flight”?

No one knows, Carmalonslo has said or Philipe said they havent decided pricing,etc yet.

Notice how i didn’t necessarily tag the developers/staff.


Well I’ve purchased every plane and every region. So I’m thinking what your thinking aswell.


Let’s wait and hope that happens…


@Delta_Virtual, your title intrigues me.
Jokes aside, maybe it will just disappear.

Global update will be an indeed very interesting update, we’ll just have to wait and see 😀😀

How you know, no one knows what happend in global flight only devs do.

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I was just taking a guess. That’s what I thought was going to happen. Now I know it will most likely already be paid.

So i’ll loose my money?

Not necessarily lose it, you’ve used the region for how long, a few months? I don’t mind losing my regions, I’ve used them for months! And losing my regions for a whole global flight is definitely worth it!