Does anyone know of a good website to log all of my flights in IF with a map view? (I will be sleeping shortly, so don’t expect replies soon)

Hey! This is a good place to log your flights.

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Good morning! 🔆

Sorry, we all like to ‘reply soon’ 😊

What about the flight log (the one with the Replay capabilities) inside the IF app?


I would rather something that maps it out, night

…the ‘map view’ requirement wasn’t in your question

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Now it is 😂

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Jeez, I’m twitching, I need to hit some z’s and quit being an avgeek all the time 😂

How? Isn’t it only for real life?

Could technically work though.

My advice is either what @Asher said ( or just do it yourself with That might work, i’ve tagged the thread i got that website from.

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Yes but doesn’t stop you from logging other sort of flights.


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