Ok so I am planning on flying from Auckland, to Doha tomorrow and I plan on using the 777LR (which is considered to have one of the longest ranges)for the almost 18 hour flight. The LR in infinite flight can hold up to 19ish hours of fuel which I don’t find enough for the flight. The 300ER can hold up to a few more hours than the LR. The 300ER is supposed to have less range than the LR but can hold more fuel. What is a better aircraft for this route?



According to what I know, the B748 might be your best shot.

The 777LR has the most range. The -300ER holds more fuel because it’s bigger. Also, welcome to the community!

The 777LR is used on the actual flight, so I’d recommend that one. Additionally, fuel times are very rough estimates on the load screen, which means you shouldn’t rely on it too much. Infinite Flight FPL Converter will give you a good idea of what you need to load. Hope this helps!

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thank you!!


got it, thanks!

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Dude you’re evil. 😂



I did this route in IF a while back with the LR, had no fuel issues, flight time was just over 17 hours. Make sure to step climb, or if you’re gonna be away from your device for most of the flight, start at a low cruise altitude (FL300-310). However, with winds aloft down currently, your flight time will probably be shorter.

Haha I don’t plan on it 😂

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Thanks! Yea I will be away from my device most of the time so I do plan on that…

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