Has anyone asked for the tyres on planes to tilt at all cause I feel as though they’ll make landing smoother.


Um let’s see, only everyone on the community.


Yes it’s been asked a lot and they might be working on it.

Wth is truck tilt, is that what it’s called

It’s called Gear tilt, truck tilt, bent gear you name it.

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Read this for a nice morning brief on tilt. 🍵


It’s mostly for planes that have 12 wheels like on the 787-8 9 and 10 or the airbus A380

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It depends. Yes, aircraft like the A320 don’t have tilt, but they only have two wheels on each main gear so tilt would be useless. Most aircraft that have more than 2 wheels on each main gear will have truck tilt.


Anybody asked for taxiway lights and buildings yet ?

You can vote for them here ^

Yes, like examples, it’s necessary to have them in flight simulators like this, x plane has this and it’s no joke that they’ll be bringing global

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