Hi guys
I’m a new pilot and I find something strong.
My yoke doesn’t work anyway.
Please help me.

Do you have Live Flight connect on your computer?

Hey welcome, could you be more precise?

What device do you use?

What yoke are you using?

He’s referring to having problems setting up an external device (a yoke, joystick, etc). I think there is a tutorial on how to setup an external device but forgot where that is.

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If you don’t know how to setup an external device (a yoke, joystick, etc), click on the setup tutorial button in settings in the controls section. It will lead you to a turtorial thread that contains vital steps and information into setting up an external device, otherwise you can reply back here and a moderator (like Chris_S) can help guide you.

Also, welcome to the community!

Once a Moderator comes into these, the best thing we can do as mere peasants is shut up Haha we tend to hinder rather than help after a certain point and I feel like we passed that a while ago.

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Wait, can you elaborate?

Once a moderator starts talking in a support thread, we should stop so the OP gets clear help from those in the know.

We dont want to give a left turn when the driver is being told to turn right by the sat nav.

Well, I’m just providing a first line of support if I can, then the second line of support is the moderator if he can’t understand the process without guidance.