I was just at LIPE on the Expert Server. I was told that, after requesting pattern work, that the pattern was full and that no pattern work was available at the time and that I was only approved for a straight-out departure. But while on takeoff roll, I heard a plane directly behind me lining up on the runway being cleared for the pattern. And, as ATC told me the pattern was full, I looked on the map and only saw one aircraft in the pattern. Why is ATC so picky and choosy about certain people doing certain things???

This is weird - can you remember who the tower controller was?

@F_Javier_Martinez was your controller. PM him :)

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@CaptFrenchie19 Hi. You should understand that if there is a lot of traffic inbound or a lot of pilots waiting for take off and the airport has only one runway, it’s possible that pattern work will be not accepted. In my case, I’ve allowed only two pilots for pattern work.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards

I get that but there was a A320 on short final and a little Cessna 172 turning base. And I was the only one besides that Cessna that had requested pattern work up until that time. There were at least six takeoffs between that Cessna and my take off

Could we continue this conversation in PM guys? We found the controller, so let’s continue via PM. Thanks!

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