What is a fix altitude?

The altitude “FIX” is the altitude you want to be at X waypoint after TOD (Top of Descent).

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There are actually a few, some on arrival and some on departure.

On the STAR you might see, for example, an altitude of 14000ft with a line drawn underneath it. This means ‘not below 14000ft’. There might be a number of 3000ft for the final approach fix (FAF) which means be at 3000ft for the FAF.

For the SID you will often see departure fix altitudes in mountainous terrain denoting safety heights. Such as 7000ft with a line below meaning you MUST be above 7000ft at that waypoint. If that is not achievable due performance then ATC must be informed.

If an altitude has a line above it then it means not ABOVE that altitude as there may be conflicting airways/traffic.



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