I know this is probably a stupid question, but is a engine supposed to operate at full thrust during cruising?


No it should never have a N1 above normally like 90% normally as it’s a lot of pressure on the engines. My normal cruise is between 60-80% throttle and below 85% N1


No. That is not good at all for the engine. It should at least be around 60-80% N1.


My auto throttle is making it so its operating at n95

What is your aircraft? What is your cruise speed(in Mach),and what is your cruise altitude?

737bbj , Mach .83 , and went from cruising 39k to 35k

You are cruising too fast for the 737. It should cruise at around M0.78 I think. What are the winds like?


Yeah M.83 at 39,000 is too fast…maybe at 32,000 to 33,000 it’s not but FL390 is too high for that speed

Try cruising between .75 and .80 in the 737

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I’m not at fl390, I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear but I descended to fl350

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The 737 BBJ should cruise at M0.78. You can find all the aircraft’s cruise speeds here

It shouldn’t do that. The problems that may cause it to do that are:

  1. Speed is very high eg M 0.90 for a 737etc

  2. You are cruising too high hence engines are compensating the lacking lift by applying more engine power.

Some older models such as the A380 usually use very high N1 figures at cruise.

They do cruise at 0.8 too tho

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it’s good for the plane on casual server xD.

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I didn’t know norma cruise was this fast in the BBJ!!
So yah @Corgi you should be over M0.82;)

I mean, reallistically, no, but if you don’t care, at least you make great time

It also depends on your weight, if you’re near MTOW, your N1 might be almost 100%, even when doing step-climbs.

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Oh that’s why, I was a few kgs away from the more since I had to pack a lot of fuel for a bbj from egll-katl

If you have a lot of fuel, it’d be better to decrease the amount of passengers and cargo to make sure N1 fits in the optimal range. But then again, I don’t how long-haul A380 flights irl carry so much fuel (10h+), passengers (300+) and cargo and the engines don’t seem to be under pressure!

To late :/

I’m 50 mins away from katl

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