How long in real life terms is 9:30 hours of fuel in IF

The time on the fuel loading page is an estimate. It really comes down to how you fly. If you do proper speed, climbing VS, and trim it can make a difference.


About 9.5 hours 😊


It should be pretty accurate to the Figure. That’s dependent on your flying ability though and winds.

Im using a 777-300 ER does that effect the time?

Depends on the aircraft too. The older ones aren’t quite as accurate, so you might find a discrepancy between your flight plan block fuel and the time the fuel ‘lasts’ in IF

The 777s are quite accurate. Just be sure to fly them realistically in order to maximise fuel efficiency

Nope the figures given on IF are estimated. For all aircraft it should be similar to the real figure. If you want to be sure then use and get the fuel figures from there for your flight.

Generally, I found that I burn a little less fuel than the estimate (as long as you’re step climbing.) If you are concerned you won’t have enough fuel, you can visit this page here, to see the most fuel efficient speeds for different aircraft:

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I always add an hour to two hours of extra fuel, just in case I will make a faster climb or a steeper climb. If I am doing long haul. I always pack an extra 2 hours of fuel so that I am garenteed to get to my destination.

I am a pilot and I can tell you that even in real life the fuel consumption changes according to your performance and for several other reasons (such as weather conditions), so if you are going to take a 9:30 flight, I advise you have at least 45 to 1h of fuel reserves, to avoid making emergency landing, I do not blame any pilot of the IF so, because in real life some pilot go through this, and if this happens to you, pray to have an airport near you to land, have a good flight😎😉✈🛫

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