how do u suggest a livary


Hello and welcome to the Infinite Flight Community.

In order to post in the #live:va, #live:events, #features and #real-world-aviation categories, you must be Trust Level 2 (TL2).

Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time! Also, be sure to search for any similar existing posts before making your own, in order to avoid making a duplicate topic.

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I have searched long and hard and it seems no one has made a tutorial on the community. All these new members flooding in need some help to understand the guidelines, profile setup, trust levels etc-. Lets give them help through this thread with a tutorial for new members! Learning the Community Trustlevels For those new members the hardest thing to do is start. Where they can start? Before anything you must learn about our trust levels. What are trust levels? Trust levels are levels of ran…

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You have to be Trust Level 2 (TL2) to post there.

Follow what I said up above, and you’ll be able to post there soon!


and how do i do that

Thank you for letting me know

Could you please re-word your question? Having some trouble on what you’re stuck on :)

I believe the user needs some assistance and guidance with how the feature request process works. Appears that the user wants a livery :)


You must be in TL2 first, if you want to post about livery and that post is about #features😁😃😉🙂

oh one more thing , is there a way i could upload a livery to infinite flight app

Well if thats the case, I’ll explain that right now!

As I said above, you will need to be a Trust Level 2 in the community, you are as of right now a basic user.

Once you have become a “Member”, you are allowed to post in #features.

About the Features Category - #4

When making a feature request for an Aircraft, livery etc. Make sure you include sufficient data on what you’re requesting, engage the community.

We have tones of examples in there! :)

To answer this Question:

It is not possible to add your own Liveries into the App, only the Developers can

May I just ask out of curiosity, what livery is that you would like to request/want?


Uzbekistan airways
Air Astana

Uzbekistan airways
air Astana

Uzbekistan airways
Air Astana
Mongolian International airlines
tajik air
Turkmenistan airlines

Uzbekistan airways
Air Astana
tajik air
Turkmenistan airlines

air astana


i know its a lot

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I hope you can read in advance the requirements in this forum that have been shared by several friends at IFC. So, you can understand it. Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community😁😃🙂😉

Ok, so…

Some of those things most likely have already then been requested, searching first is a must before making a Feature request.

We also only allow 2-3 request a day, more can be considered abuse of the category.

Also, only 1 Aircraft/livery per request. And only 1 Picture.

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Oh woow, that’s a lot of liveries. Well remember that when you do reach TL2 and are able to make requests in #features, that you can only post one feature per request, that means only one livery per feature request yo make.

And also don’t create all request all at once, make one then a week or so space between before you pist the next one.

You can also as CRW3 said, post 2-3 a day, but I personally would recommend giving some space between you requests or people will miss out on them or they won’t be as successful/catch the viewers eye.

@Evan, You got it before me, took me too long to reply… :P


thank you Fariz_Rizky

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Thank You Captain_JR


Also, once you become TL2 and make the requests, please make sure to search for any duplicate posts.


that’s right, so you have to make a gradual posting and don’t do it at once

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Other than that, Welcome to the Forum, Hope you have a Great time around here :)

And II also wish you good luck on reaching TL2, so you can make your requests someday.

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