I have a question about ILS approach into KDEN. At what altitude would be proper to intercept glideslope since KDEN is 5500 ft above sea level?

Usually aiming for 3000 AGL at the end of the ILS come is a good go to. That would be 8500 MSL.


9000ft. Add 3500 or 3000 to MSL of airport

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Thank you for that helpful info


Also, it depends where you intersect it. If right at the start ish of the imaginary red cone, then +3500 ft

You could always take a look at a chart.

Which runway are you intercepting? I’ll upload the approach plate to remove all confusion

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35L i believe. That would be nice

Here you go! Begin the approach at fix CRUUP at 11,000 MSL

NOTE: fix CRUUP is most likely not where the red cone begins in Infinite flight (im finishing a flight so I cant check myself). If I had to guess, fix DYMON is where the red cone starts. However there is a difference between that red cone and the start of the ILS procedure. At fix CRUUP you will be 19.8 nm from the DEN VOR. Any other questions, let me know! I’m happy to help


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