Hello! I Want To Put A Question And I Want A Very Friendly Response Please , In The Past I Have 90 Violations In Total , Now I Have 92 And I Don’t Know Why, I Belive Due To The OverSpeeding In Flight But I Don’t Overspeed , I Stop At 250 knts As Normal When You Are Not High Then 10.000 Feet , But I Receive 2 Violations , Also I Go To The Bath But I Set The AutoPilot To 250 knts, And When I Come From The Bath The Airplane Was At 250knts But I Receive Violations, Can My 2 Violations Be Removed , Thanks And I Wait As I Said A Friendly Response.

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting support. Most likely whilst you where away from your device, you may have gained a tailwind that may of increased your speed. This would most likely of been the cause for the 2 violations you experienced.


Do you leave your device unattended during climb?
The speeds depend on which aircraft you are flying. The Q400 for example doesn’t cruise at 250kts.

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The max speed is 250kts under 10,000ft. This means you would have to set the the speed to 249kts so that you don’t incur any violations. :)

Thank you for contacting support. Could it be possible that you didn’t slow down fast enough so it was above 250 knots and when you got back it slowed down enough? I believe the border for violations is 260 knots

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For future reference:


There’s no reason to push the 250knot threshold below 10,000 feet. If you are going to set your autopilot then give yourself a buffer next time. Your violations won’t be removed at this time since this wasn’t an issue with the app rather pilot error/misunderstanding.

Stay with your device during critical stages of flight, be safe, be vigilant and enjoy the skies! Cheers