Question-I’m a little confused on something.Could you explain the vectoring is?
(I know this might be confusing,…my bad)
For flight planning, I see some flight plans just having about 1-3 waypoints, than on other, I see the flight plan lined up with the ILS.
Explanation – let us use KNUC TO KSAN
EXAMPLE #1(Flight Plan)-KNUC PUMPE KSAN (Note-the pilot will have to turn off A/P to get onto the ILS
EXAMPLE#2(FLight PlAN)-KNUC PUMPE SARGS KSAN(Note-The pilot wouldn’t have to turn off A/P due to autopilot connecting to nav)

So…i know that sometimes airports with great traffic will have to tell planes to make 360 and whatnots but what if the pilots’ flight plan is down the ILS?For if this makes any sense

You can file your flight plan however you want, but you must always follow ATC instructions.

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I think I get what you are saying. It just depends. Many people that make their own FPLs will go down the ILs. However, it is more realistic when you don’t (unless the real FPL does it).

Vectoring, is what approach will use to line you up with the runway, before handing you off the tower.

Just like @GolferRyan said, ALWAYS follow ATC instruction. They are more important that your flightplan.

Hope this helps!


So unless ATC tells you to follow their instructions, you could just follow your flight plan?

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That is correct. Follow FPL to your destination airport, unless ATC advises you otherwise. ATC is always your head-master and you should always obey them.

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Thanks M8 for the details given.