It’s not allowing to go into expert server

Can you please provide more details. What are you seeing?

It’s saying I have to many violations when I dont

How many do you currently have?

Thank you for contacting support!

Our Expert Server requirements have recently changed. This change was put into effect to ensure a professional and expert environment for those who wish to enjoy a realistic simulator experience. Please see this post for the new Expert Requirements:

If you have too many violations, you need to perform more landings to get under the ratio.

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Your violations need to be 50% of your landing ratio. If you have for example 2 landings with 2 violations, you cannot access expert. you need to have 1 or less

I have no violations

Please provide a screen shot of your stats screen.

That’s a little strange than M8,But i really think the IF team is going to need more Info of what’s going on?
DId you try to close and reopen IF?

This is in the pass 7 days… I am talking about in general overall. Have you gotten more then 21 violations?

Please see this.

This will show you how to see your total violations. The stats screen only shows the last 90 days violations. I was mistaken.

Yes I tried closing and opening
I’m running an iPhone 6 Plus
I have a fast WiFi connection

No I have not and I’m sure

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You have more then 50% of your landing count to Violations as @Chris_S has said. Please read the links provided.
Idk why everyone always has to muddy the waters.


Yeah, you have too many violations. Your landing to violation ratio has to be 50% or below, example, if you have 50 violations you have to have 100 landings. The staff did this for the better as people are treating Expert like Casual and are not acting professional. This is one step to resolving the situation.

Then why don’t you read the answer to the question?


At first I read the answer yesterday,I’m not saying that I didn’t read that…
And second.The problem is that I haven’t violations but I have the restriction

Go do this

The violations are there

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Tank’s ! @Brandon_Sandstrom
But I have bugs on IF, to resolve them I install two times = I can’t fly in all of server at the moment = I can’t see me flying = I can’t see my informations in liveflightap.
(And I haven’t more subscription in LF :/)