About to do a long flight however I have a problem. At my cousins house and the internet keeps going off and on.

The amount of XP and flight time, during the times of when it’s off will it save the flight time and XP?

As long as when you exit the flight and you had wifi you should be fine
But it may work without wifi


So I start the flight with internet,
Then turn off the WiFi for a 13 hour flight and start the internet up again for the landing and it will be saved ?? The whole flight tine and XP ??

I don’t think so because you’ll be at the spot where you shut the internet off

I wouldn’t recommend doing that. You need an internet connection to save your XP and to enjoy the imagery.


That’s not recommended. Because of how the streaming with the terrain works, it’s best to have a continuous internet connection.

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But the internet keeps going on and off it self

I have repeatedly tried to restart but anyway, it will save or not sir?

Not having a secure internet connection is an issue that you will have to work out then. We can’t give you the internet connection my friend.

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I understand thanks my friend

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