I’m flying from Frankfurt to KLAX is it normal for the fuel gauge to be like this?

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I believe that it means that you don’t have enough fuel to make it to your destination according to your flight plan.


It means you don’t have enough fuel to reach your destination

But I put fuel for 13:45 hours will be by the wind?

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Answer: can you make your title more elaborate :)


Wind will affect fuel. Just happened to me. Had to land early.

If you are early on in your flight, Fuel burn will be much higher (especially in heavies like the 747,777). You should have enough fuel to reach your destination.

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Wind doesn’t effect Fuel Burn, just the time it will take to get to your destination. Altitude and Mach number, along with a few other factors, will effect fuel burn directly. It is also suggested to trim your aircraft to the suggested percentage (until the pink line goes away) to save fuel.

A headwind can slow you down, causing you to burn more fuel in order to stay at the speed you told the autopilot to go at.

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Wind for sure effects fuel burn, the longer it takes to reach your destination the more fuel you have to burn. If you have a 30kt headwind you will need more fuel since you will be going slower causing you to burn more fuel.

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@BobbyRobert , @Lgsfly . Yup, if there is a strong headwind you will burn more fuel to get to the destination. However, the instantaneous fuel burn will be dependent on the Mach number, Altitude. The Mach number is a true airspeed. When cruising at M.86 you could be going anywhere from 400-600 kts. However, if at the same weight, altitude, etc, the instantaneous fuel burn will be the same.

I think the real problem is that your burning fuel too quickly.

The average cruise speed is M.80 and here your at M.86. Going faster burns more fuel quickly.

i learned that the hard way.