Question with the NEO

So, I don’t have pro at the moment so I can’t actually spawn into the new NEO (my pro ran out the day before the NEO was released)

But when I flicked through the liveries, I noticed a change in engines between different liveries. Does the NEO have different engine types?

I think it doesn’t have any other version of the engine

The A330neo only has one engine type, the RR Trent 7000

What you might be noticing is a change in the fan blade colors depending on the livery
I don’t know why this happens, but it’s also a thing with the 777-300ER

Can you send pics

There’s a noticeable difference in size and shape


I can’t see that difference
it’s probably some sort of optical illusion due to the collor scheme of the engine compared to the background

In the engine for the first one it looks dark compared to the second one

That’s the fan blade thing I mentioned before

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oh mb lol I thought you meant something else lol

Looks like the first pic have the engines running but the second one have engines off

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